Changing What You Know About Wheelbarrows
The traditional 1-wheel wheelbarrow is re-thought. A new idea, coming from years of on-the-job experience, puts 4 wheels on the ground, adds stability and strength to carry twice the load of most conventional wheelbarrows.

The heavy-duty suspension system, constructed of CQ steel, ensures structural integrity, as well as balance and control.

Move full amounts of liquid content virtually spill-free.

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The Big-4 Wheeler:
• Three Models
• Stable Wheel Base
• Carry Heavy Loads Easily
• Great for Home & Garden
• Industrial Use

Three Models
Our smaller unit is a 6-cubic footer created specifically for home use – the design is such that the elderly as well as physically handicapped can enjoy lawn work, etc., without having to lift or be subjected to an unstable wheel-base when working on lawn and garden projects.

8-cubic footer is designed for both home-use and commercial and agricultural use. The rugged blue container permits objects to transport easily using only your finger-tips! No need to lift and risk back injury. Also, the stable four-wheeled chassis permits easy non-spill transport of liquids and "near" liquids, such as cement, with no fear of spills caused by an unstable single or dual wheel load that is dependent upon lifting and balancing for movement.

10-cubic footer is designed not only for home use, but also for heavy commercial and agricultural use. As with the 8-cubic footer, the loads can be transported by finger-tip with no back-strain and nearly a zero opportunity for spills.

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